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7.  -  Buildings


Travian-bot - is the best bot for Travian game


Bot helps to build a building automatically.

1. You can build the necessary building

2. You can click Auto-Resources - and will build all of the resource field

      Thus - the village will develop :-)

3. Refresh - refreshes the list of villages and buildings in the village.

      If the list is not all villages - click Refresh



1. On the left side - a list of villages

2. Right side - the list of buildings that can be built

3. Interval - the time in minutes after every interval minutes bot is trying to build something

4. Newdid - bot will fill itself. If you only have 1 village is empty.

5. Build - build 1 building

6. Auto-Buildings - build all the buildings from the list.

      fill out a "Need Level"

      You can build a building from a level 0

      choose instead of "empty" the need "Building" and "Need Level"

7. Auto-Resource - build all the resource fields.

      builds only the crop, wood, clay, iron.

      Builds the fact that more profitable to build or at random.

8. Auto-Destroy - demolish the building in the game

      Fill out the "Priority" negative number (eg -1)

9. Priority - to be built in accordance with the priorities

      the higher the priority of the earlier constructed.

      When Priority>=100 - then build only this building, not build other buildings.

10. Help with resources from: - select a village from where the donor will be sent resources

      when not enough resources for the construction.

11. Builds all the buildings in which the "Need level"> = "Building level" and  priority >= 0

      Build it as an resource.

12. You can save/load the list of buildings. For example to make a plan for the constructions

      and use it to build a new village.

      Click the right mouse button in the table buildings - will be the menu Save/Load

13. NPC building from the level - you can build buildings quickly with the help of NPC-building

     (worth 2 gold), and the bot will exchange the resources necessary to NPC-trade (worth 3 gold),

     Enter the level of the building from which to build with NPC

     (buildings built themselves a small level, but with the desired level quickly with the NPC)



You can right-click in the Villages table and come out another menu:

1. Open URL - the bot-browser will open the main page of the village.

2. Add 1 row - to add a row to the Villages table.

3. Delete 1 row - delete a row in the Villages table.