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6.1 - Attack-logs


Travian-bot - the best bot for Travian game


In this game there are always many attacks, raids, catapultes attacks, scoutings,

fakes, etc. - difficult to keep track of everything that is going on.

Sometimes, the entire attack list of the alliance changes in seconds.

This is especially important for you, if you are defense coordinator of the alliance

Minister of Defense - you also need to watch after the armies of all players of the Alliance,

and all attacks of enemies, etc.


The bot automatically scans game for new military operations

It records everything into a database

for later processings, analysis and so forth.



1. The TEST button - see the information once

2. Delete-all - erases all database if it is no longer needed

3. Interval - will scan for new battle logs with the specified interval (in minutes)

4. Start - start auto work scans


In this window you can:

1. double click with the mouse - to open a log

2. right click with the mouse - to turn on the filter

3. click on the header of a column - to sort logs

4. press the right button - "Analysis... " - the log will be autorecorded in the Battle report archive on the Internet


Bot shows you:

1. Who attacks, you and enemy player, Alliance name

2. Date and Time

3. How many soldiers attacked, how many were lost, how many catapults

4. How much resources were taken

5. Other information, available in regular battle logs