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5. - The population watch


Travian-bot - the best bot for Travian game


Bot helps to watch growth of the population of players

For example it is possible to learn when the enemy sleeps:), etc.



1. TEST - to check up the populations of the specified villages once

2. START - start of automatic work of the bot.


3. Name - any line for yourself

4. Task type - should be "watch" - if this line should work automatically

5. URL - URL of the player or village to watch after

      Pressing in a browser on the player, for example

      or press on the village of player, for example

6. Interval - time in minutes, through everyone "interval" minutes there will be a check of all in the list

7. pop1 pop2.. pop23 - the population of the player at the moment of time of hours = from 0 up to 23

8. t1 t2.. t23 - increase of the population of the player during one hour - from 0:00 to 1:00 and so forth, up to 23

9. For example, if the increase in points = 0 for a long time - it means a person is asleep at this time.



You can right-click in the table and come out another menu:

1. Open URL - the bot-browser will open the filled URL.

2. Add 1 row - to add a row to the table.
You can also open in the browser player to watch out for and click "Add 1 row" - the bot itself will fill a row.

3. Delete 1 row - delete a row in the table.