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3.  -  The construction of the soldiers, etc.


Travian-bot - is the best bot for Travian game


Bot able to build army automatically -

soldiers, horses, rams, catapults, settlers, chiefs

Also can upgrade weapons and armory, etc.



To start, fill in the following fields

1. Name - any comment, for your own use

2. Task type - select from the available options – «Build soldiers», «upgrade armoury», «upgrade weapons», «Build soldiers in Great barracks and Great stable», «Celebrations», «Great celebrations», «Build soldiers when attack coming», «build soldiers amount=», etc.

3. Interval - time in minutes, the bot will try to build or upgrade soldiers every so many minutes

4. Clubswinger .. settler - amount of soldiers of different type

      to upgrade weapons 1= full upgrade to 20 level

5. Own village name - choose your village from list, in which village build.
If not all villages in list - press Refresh in Build page.

6. START - begins building soldiers automatically

7. «Build soldiers» and «Build soldiers - Great Barracks(stable)»

8. Upgrade Weapons - upgrade weapons in Blacksmith

9. Upgrade Armoury - upgrade armoury in "Armoury"     

10. Celebrations and Great Celebrations - doing celebrations in Town Hall

      (not need to fill soldiers)

11. Build soldiers when attack coming - build soldiers when attack to you will be soon.

      If Village Name choosen - for this village only.

      If Village Name is empty - for all villages.

12. "Build soldiers, amount=" - build only the filled number of soldiers, and not build more after that.
13. NPC Build soldiers - a soldier to build on all the resources for gold, the bot itself will exchange the resources needed.
14. NPC Build soldiers when attack coming - for a moment before the attack, the bot will build soldiers at all the resources, the bot itself will exchange the resources needed.
15. NPC - troops returning - the return of all soldiers returning home immediately, for the gold. (There is not at all servers).

You can right-click in the table and come out another menu:
1. Open URL - the bot-browser will open the right building, depending on the task type.
2. Add 1 row - to add a row to the table.
3. Delete 1 row - delete a row in the table.
4. +Copy - copy and add a row in the table.