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2.1 - Attacks on enemies


Travian-bot - is the best bot for Travian game



 Travian-bot - is the best bot for Travian game


Capable of automatic attacking designated villages at specified intervals, in sequence or simultaneously.

Ideal  for nonstop farming, can bring you huge amounts of resources and deny the resources from farms to your enemies



To start, fill in he following fields:

1. Name - insert comment for your own use

2. X Y - coordinates X Y (enemy village coordinates)

3. Task type - chose from the available options - Attack,  Raid, Reinforcement or SuperAttack (see below)

4. Interval - time interval in minutes, after which attack or reinforcement will be repeated.

     Usually - it takes time to attack the enemy and return

     (for example if time to go to village 10 minutes - an interval = 20)

     (if =1 that will send army there every minute)

5. Clubswinger..hero - amount of soldiers of different type

6. Own village name - choose your village from list, from which village attack.

     If not all villages in list - press Refresh in Build page.

7. Time rest - don't fill anything (shows the time in minutes left till next attack)

8. Start-turn - will attack 1 by 1 under the list of turn

   (all superattacks in the list will be processed at once)

   Start-All  - will send all attacks and reinforcements in the list simultaneously, and repeat each attack/reinforcement

   after the time period specified in the "interval" field


9. There is a new "SuperAttack" mode
It is for sending multiple attacks simultaneously, on the same second.
After you press "start turn" - the bot will go over the list 2 times, preparing the armies,
and on 3-rd time fires all armies instantaneously :-)
Add some rows, 1 row = 1 attack.
Press Start-Turn.

In Microsoft Windows there is a bug not allowing to send no more than 2 waves(sessions) in one second
I have found a program which corrects this bug
Tweak Manager 2.1 for WindowsR
Network - Protocols - Change The number of Simultaneous HTTP Sessions - Maximum Sessions (HTTP 1.1 and 1.0)  (from 2 to 100)
restart computer after change.


10. The bot randomly adds 0-2 minutes to every attack


11. Task type = "Send reinforcement when attack coming" or "Save when attack" - bot will send reinforcement and send it back when attack coming soon. Soldiers will be saved :)
Fill quantity of soldiers of different types to be saved(can fill 999999 for all).
X,Y coordinates - need to send there soldiers(and back).
If Village Name chosen - work in this village only.
If Village Name empty - work for all villages.
Also you can "Send raid when attack coming" - bot will send raid and not send it back when attack coming soon.
"Alerter" must be started.


12. Table "Groups"
You can divide the attacks on the group and start/stop them separately.
For example you can make different groups for different own villages.
Group name - the group name, any.
Distance - Distance cells for auto-fill(update) list
on whom to attack. (equal to 3 for all of your square 7x7)
Parameters for type = tasks automatically:
Clubswingers .. Hero - Types of soldiers with which to attack
At least the soldiers to attack (2 by default)
If = 0 then these soldiers will not attack.
Scouts will send for spy.
Interval - the bot will check every interval minutes whether the soldiers home, and where to send their
(also the bot checks immediately after returning home soldiers)
(default 5 minutes)
Time rest - not need to fill.
How many minutes left until the next check whether to send soldiers.


13. Task Type = "Auto-think"
The bot will think himself whom better to attack, how many troops to send,
look at the attack-logs was there def or no, how many resources, etc.
Attack-Logs should be started. (START button on the "Logs" tab)
Fill your enemies, all to the task type = Auto
(fill in the list can be automatically - click the right mouse button - Fill-All)
Press the START-turn or  START-all (no difference)
A sample algorithm is "thinking about" where to attack the soldiers:
If nothing is known about the enemy - then send 2 a soldier or scouts.
If resources were 100% - then sent to 2 times more soldiers.
If resources were a bit - then send as many soldiers to enable them to catch away everything.
If the enemy had def - send it to 5 times more soldiers.
You should start reading the attack-logs to bot better thinking. (START button on the tab Logs)
Alliances which do not attack you can fill in the Browser-Map tab "Friendly alliances".


14. Spies can be sent to intelligence resources - task type=Raid,
or for the intelligence protection – task type=Attack.


15. Raid farm-list from gold-club - the bot can send itself to attack targets filled in "Selected targets" in the gold club.
Gold Club in the game must be enabled.
Attacks only on those villages in which the last attack was without any loss.


You can right-click in the Attacks table and will come another menu:

1. Open URL - the bot-browser will open the enemy village.

2. Delete all - delete all the rows in the Attacks table in this group.

3. Fill-all -
You can automatically fill the list of enemies -
right-click in the table attacks - will have more menu "Fill-All" -
the bot fills in the list of all the villages around yours.
(within 3 cells (7x7 square) or may be a larger radius)
Search radius can be changed in the "distance" from and to.
You can also open any square on the map (type x in the map) and also fill the list of enemies.
Fill only Natar villages - the bot will fill only the villages Natar race.
Fill only free
oasis’s - the bot will fill the only oasis’s, never owned, and are no animals.
Not attack allianced enemies - the bot will fill the villages only players who are not in any alliance.

4. Add 1 enemy -
added to the table a blank line.
You can also open  the desired player in the game map in the bot-browser and click "Add 1 enemy" - the bot will fill this enemy itself.

5. Delete 1 row - delete a row in the attacks.

6. Refresh -
the bot will update the list of enemies in the attacks table.
The bot will update the name, population, alliance, interval. New enemies will be not added, only update.