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11.1 - Alerter (attack alarm)


Travian-bot - is the best bot for Travian game



The bot can to check automatically all villages somebody attacks whether or not

When there will be an attack on village the bot informs about it by signal, sending ICQ and e-mail messages

Informs any text, how many attacks and time up to the nearest attack.


When attack coming, before 1 minute can:

1. Save troops - send reinforcement and back it
Add row in Attacks page, task type=Save when attack

2. Spend all resources to build soldiers.
Add row in Build soldiers page, task type=Build soldiers when attack

3. Save resources - send all resources to another village.
Add row in Send Resources page, task type=Send when attack.
(at first save troops, then build soldiers, then save resources).



1. Interval, min - through everyone Interval minutes will check all villages

2. ICQ UIN - number of account ICQ

3. ICQ password - the password of account ICQ

4. ICQ server - the server of authorization ICQ, usually

5. ICQ port - port of work ICQ, it is usual = 5190

6. ICQ send to UIN - number of account ICQ where to send the message in case of attack

7. ICQ send to UIN2 - number of account ICQ where to send the message in case of attack


8. E-mail - e-mail from send the message

9. E-mail password - the password from e-mail

10. E-mail host - a name smtp the server of your mail (for example

11. E-mail port - port of work e-mail, it is usual = 25

12. Send e-mail to - e-mail where to send the message in case of an attack


13. WAV file - a path to a file with a sound of a format .wav  .mp3,
which will be play at an attack

14. Message - the Text of the message which will be sent.

15. "Send e-mails from noreply[a]" - the bot will send e-mail messages from own e-mail address, if enabled - then not need to fill email-from settings.


The bot check all villages which presents in Villages table in "Build" page.

Every "interval" minutes time switch to every village and check for attacks