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10. - Attack-coordinator


Travian-bot - is the best bot for Travian game



Bot can to send armies automatically, to start at the specified time, or to arrive to destination at the specified time

Attacks can be sent from different villages, multiple attacks on the same second are possible.



To start, fill in the following fields

1. Name - anyone

2. Task type - select from the available options - Attack, Raid or Reinforcement

3. X1-From Y1-From - coordinates of the village send army from

4. X1-Enemy Y2-Enemy - coordinates of the destination village

5. Own village name - choose your village from list, from which village attack.
If not all villages in list - press Refresh in Build page.

6. Clubswinger..hero - amount of soldiers of different type

7. Time-Start - time to launch the army

8. Time-Attack - arrival time

9. Speed - speed of the slowest soldier

10. Arena-Level - a level of Tournament Square (beyond 20 cells, army from the village with Tournament square moves faster)

11. On the top panel: Time-Start, Time-Attack - date and time for the currently selected raw
It is possible to press "enter" and time will be set for all lines

12. START - to begin automatic work

13. Attack-Coordinator use computer time, time must be same in pc and travian-game
To synchronize time - double click in pc time - Internet time - Refresh now


You can right-click in the table and will come another menu:

1. Open URL - the bot-browser will open the enemy village.

2. Add 1 enemy -
added to the table a blank line.
You can also open  the desired player in the game map in the bot-browser and click "Add 1 enemy" - the bot will fill this enemy itself.

3. Delete 1 row - delete a row in the attacks.

4. +Copy - copy and add a row in the table.
Fill all own villages to the list - open a list of villages in the browser and click the "+ copy" in the Attack-coordinator table.