Dear Travian-bot users

I am glad to inform you that will be no CAPTCHA in the Travian-bot more.
Travian-bot became captcha-safe.

Its means that you can safely play with the Travian-bot and do not be afraid to be discovered and punished by the game admins.
Unfortunately, many players have been banned, but now, since the bot version 2.0.1 build 175 more such will not.

1) do not use older versions of the bot (only new)
2) do not use scripts in game
3) do not use any other bots, because other bots do not guarantee or even promise to protect against captcha (
against penalties) 

Captcha is very dangerous, because can very quickly find players who play with bots and punish them (or banned forever).

Game admins invented many different methods detecting bots automatically, these methods are indeed many and
provide protection from the bot is very difficult to detect. Therefore, protection of CAPTCHA (anti-captcha) is not exists in older versions of the bot and other bots for Travian game.

Penalties for use captcha-unsafe bots:
  1) CAPTCHA and devastation warehouses.
  2) One day the appearance of CAPTCHA, emptying warehouses and removal of 25% soldiers.
  3) One day the appearance of CAPTCHA, emptying warehouses and removal of 50% soldiers.
  4) Account lockout. Penalty will be appointed Multihunters server.

Here is a captcha:
(bad thing is that punished anyway, even if you enter right captcha letters)
(by the way the Travian-bot can recognize letters from the captcha and enter to the game itself)


Travian-bot captcha-safe, no captcha, anti-captcha