You can take Travian-bot for some money...

(money needs to make newly better versions of the bot)

Bot cost - 25$ USD
one computer, unlimited time, unlimited game servers, unlimited game logins.

(includes all functions of a bot)

Bots will work on all game servers :)
work at the same time on many game servers and many logins,
will be work if you start new game later on any server and any login :)

You can pay:

 1. Paypal

Pay with paypal to e-mail: E-mail admin Travian-bot

Travian-bot is the best bot for the Travian game


 2Webmoney Travian-bot - is the best bot for Travian game

Z351075865085 - dollars
E324923861574 - euro
R189043256944 - rubles 


I will answer all questions :)