Travian-bot - is the best bot in the world

Advantages of a bot:
1. It is not necessary to install, simply to copy and start
2. It not a script, and separate a program - bot which does not influence in any way browsers, etc. programs
3. The convenient interface - all is possible to stick a mousy, not necessary to write any scripts, etc.
4. There is a built-in browser - in which at once it is visible results of work
5. Many villages work - i.e. if at you it is a lot of villages it is underlined in which of them "to work"
6. Licensing - having bought once a bot you can use it on any servers with the many logins.
Licensing for 1 computer (takes processor-id and bios-id to unique computer-id)

Can Multihunter notice a bot and ban? - it is impossible
1. In a bot the built-in internet-explorer which differs nothing from a usual explorer is used, it and is an explorer.
2. The bot emulates pressing a mousy, i.e. does all same if worked as a mousy
3. I play with a bot one year, since the server, then s2 s3 s4,

now I play on - there rules most rigid of all servers, me baned through one hour after start of the server for mult
There are many russian, ukrainian players bought bots already
(it was for russians only at first time).
Now it is possibility for all people :)

I was TOP-20 the largest players on s3 and s4 ru servers  :-)
now i am TOP-200 on server :-)

I hands of nobody attack-steal since this monotonous employment,
I spend stolen resources only :-)

Travian-bot good work in travian version T4 servers now :)